How We'll Work


We’re so glad you signed up for the Dissertation-to-Book Workshop Facilitated June-July Cohort and we're thrilled to be working with you on your book!

We wanted to let you know a few administrative details about how we'll work. The cohort centers and expands upon exercises outlined in Chapters 111 of The Dissertation-to-Book Workbook. So, you'll need a copy to participate. We highly recommend you get yours directly from U Chicago Press because you can use code UCPNEW for 30% off!

Each week, we'll focus on a set of workbook chapters and ask you to work through their exercises. We'll supplement these exercises with tips, answers to FAQ, and, of course live support and coaching. To maximize the accountability dimension and to help you develop and sustain forward momentum on your big picture thinking work, we’ve designed this Teachable site to release each week’s worth of materials on Monday. So when poke around right now, you’ll only see our welcome unit. Please consider completing the intake questionnaire and introducing yourself on the “Introduce Yourself Here” discussion board.

Every week, we’ll also host two group accountability, support, and troubleshooting calls. The first, held on Tuesday from 1-2 pm Eastern / 10-11 am Pacific, will focus on answering your questions about the work you’re undertaking, helping you troubleshoot issues, and allowing you time to connect with others in the cohort. The second, held on Thursday from 1-2 pm Eastern / 10-11 am Pacific, will give you another opportunity to ask questions and get advice and feedback, before then shifting focus to a mini-workshop on a specific book or productivity topic. (NOTE: We are proactively rescheduling the meeting that would otherwise take place on Thursday, July 4 to Wednesday, July 3 to accommodate the US Holiday.)

You do not need to have completed any work or have any questions or challenges to attend; you can also attend for camaraderie and to listen and learn. We’ll send you the Zoom links each week. And if you can’t make any meeting–for any reason–don’t worry! Every session will be recorded and the replay posted in Teachable, typically within a few hours.

For now, your tasks are:

  • purchase a copy of The Dissertation-to-Book Workbook using code UCPNEW for 30% off (if you don't already have one)
  • complete the intake questionnaire (optional but highly encouraged)
  • introduce yourself on the Introduce Yourself Here discussion board (again, optional but highly recommended)
  • take a peek at the Week 1 Overview Quick Preview lesson if you're so inclined
  • mark your calendars for our Tuesday and Thursday 1-2 pm Eastern / 10-11 am Pacific group calls (substitute Wednesday, July 3 for Thursday, July 4), if they work for your schedule

We'll be back in touch by email on Friday, May 31 with a quick preview of your first week's work, and then again on Monday, June 3 to formally kick off the cohort work!

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